Testimonials أراء بعض المرضى

Question & Answer with Patients

حوارات مع بعض المرضى

Q: What caused your back pain?

A: I have suffered from back pain for the last ten years on and off. I don’t remember having a back injury. When I was younger I was very active in sports. I got an MRI of my lower back just to find out that I had a 6 to 7 mm disc herniation at L4-L5 and a fragmented at L5-S1. I then tried pain management. I had one epidural injection which I knew it might work or it might not. I had relief for 2 weeks then the pain came back.

Q: How did the pain affect your life?

A: After the pain came back I felt I had no life. I could not walk more than a block; I was unable to clean my house or play with my five year old boy. Having to force myself to work in pain was one of the hardest things I had to do. I developed a limp on my right leg from the weakness. I became very depressed; I was used to being active and now not being to do all the things I love to do was beginning to take a toll. I was literally in tears almost every day. I could not take the pain anymore.

Q: What made you decide to have back surgery?

A: My decision to have back surgery was not hard. I am no stranger to spine problems. I have worked for Dr. Mohamed Mohi Eldin who is the best neurological surgeon and when I say the best it’s because I have seen the results of all the patients he treats firsthand. He changes and gives them back their lives. When Dr. Mohamed Mohi Eldin told me, “ we need to perform surgery in order for you to live pain free”, I was scared just like most patients. However, l knew I was in the most capable hands.

Q: What was the outcome?

A: I underwent a 2 level lumbar decompression. 2 hours after my surgery I was up and walking without the lip that I had developed prior to the surgery. It was nothing like what I had envisioned. I went home the same day I had immediate relief right after surgery. I was out for 2 weeks from work after surgery. I stop taking all the awful pain medication at two weeks.

Q: How are you feeling now?

A: It’s been 8 months now and I have no pain. I am walking 3 miles daily and hiking on the weekends. I am loving life and able to enjoy my family. I can clean my house without any tears of pain. I can come to work and share my experience with all the patients that are experiencing that miserable pain. I would recommend Dr. Mohamed Mohi Eldin to anybody in a heartbeat. He has gifted hands and helps people live pain free on a daily basis. I tell patients my story on a daily basis and am happy to share it with the world. I am living proof that Dr. Mohamed Mohi Eldin does what he says. I wouldn’t continue to work for him if I didn’t believe it what he does. Thank you Dr. Mohamed Mohi Eldin .

A year ago I felt really bad with severe pain in my lower back . I was not able to work, sit or stand for long period of time. The pain was so severe that I decided to undergo surgery. Dr. Mohamed Mohi Eldin did my surgery with excellent results. Thanks to God and Dr. Mohamed Mohi Eldin I am well and now I do not feel any of the pain I felt before. I am very happy that I did it.

Dalia H.

Dr. Mohamed Mohi Eldin , for 20 years, I avoided spine surgery because of fear. Two weeks ago, I learned I had nothing to fear but fear itself. I am free of numb feet, tingling legs and able to walk without a walker. I anticipate a pain-free life, even in my 70′s, thanks to Dr. Mohamed Mohi Eldin’s magic and positive support! Thanks to you and the whole staff.

Medhat U.

Dear Dr. Mohamed Mohi Eldin ,

Just thought I’d say a big thank you for everything you did. It has been two years since you operated on me and I have to say things are great. For the first time in years I’m pain free and enjoying life doing thing that I thought were a thing of the past.

Kamal S.

“Dr. Mohamed Mohi Eldin your are the greatest” Best wishes

Nancy H.


Dear Dr. Mohamed Mohi Eldin :
“It is such a relief to finally be free of the excruciating pain. You have been God send to me and I truly thank you with all my heart. For caring about me the way that you did. God Bless you. “

Adala T.

Dr. Mohamed Mohi Eldin “Thank you so much for all your help. You have amazing hands”


Dr. Mohamed Mohi Eldin:
I had already thanked my father. I knew he would put his hand in your hands guiding them and in your mind showing you exactly what to do. My thank you is not nearly enough to say. May God continue to bless you and will you with knowledge not before know by man”

Narges E.

Dr. Mohamed Mohi Eldin :
“Words cannot convey my gratitude for your surgical expertise and humanism which has brought me so far from where I was. If I may … I was sitting outside, poolside at our condo this afternoon and two ladies who had seen me at a low point, upon seeing me today, Sunday, owned that they had and we’re witnessing miracle.” They meant it, they. I laughed and laughed to see them so happy for me and I am so very happy’ to be able to be so grateful to you”

Baher L.

Dr. Mohamed Mohi Eldin:
You gave me a second chance at having a normal life to enjoy with my family.

Allaa S.

Dr. Mohamed Mohi Eldin:
Thank you very much. Being able to return to my regular job after my surgery means the world to me.

Nawal G.

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