The following pages contain information regarding commonly performed spine procedures for the neck and low back. The written contents are coupled with educational videos which are an artistic rendition of the actual procedures. Please feel free to explore the content and write to us with your comments and questions.

Minimally Invasive neck spine surgery

For patients with arm pain from a ruptured disc, an attractive alternative to traditional neck fusion surgery is posterior cervical decompression (PCD). Dr. Mobin is able to free the compressed nerve and remove the damage portion of the disc without fusing the disc. read more

Herniated disc surgery (Lumbar)

In cases that require surgical repair of ruptured disc, outpatient lumbar disc surgery can provide expedient relief of leg and back pain. Using minimally invasive techniques, the removal of the damaged disc portion can be achieved through a small incision. Microscopic techniques and delicate tissue handling provide for the best functional outcome, minimizing damage to surrounding muscles and ligaments. read more

Microscopic decompression for Lumbar Stenosis

Narrowing of the spinal canal can cause disabling leg pain,weakness and numbness. The traditional procedure, laminectomy, is generally painful with long rehabilitation period. It requires prolonged hospitalization and may cause weakening of the spine. The newer microscopic lumbar decompression technique, is less painful, maintains spinal stability and is performed through a small incision, without cutting the muscles as is the case with the traditional surgery. read more

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