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Professor Dr. Mohamed Mohi Eldin is a highly skilled board certified, fellowship-trained neurosurgeon with 20 years of experience in treatment of spinal disorders. Dr. Mohamed Mohi Eldin is dedicated to the diagnosis, treatment and care of patients with spinal conditions. With over 2000 spinal surgeries performed, Dr. Mohamed Mohi Eldin is recognized for his exceptional operative skills and patient care.

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Dr. Mohamed Mohi Eldin delivers the advantages of rapid recovery to patients through use of minimally invasive, microscope-assisted surgical techniques. Minimally invasive surgery results in less pain, trauma and scarring, and a more functional recovery. A hallmark of Dr. Mohamed Mohi Eldin’s practice is outpatient neck and back surgery. Take the first step towards a life without pain and schedule a meeting with Dr. Mohamed Mohi Eldin, today.

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Our Surgery Centers

Professor Dr. Mohamed Mohi Eldin operates at the most technologically advanced surgical centers in the greater Cairo Area. These centers include, Kasr El Aini University Hospital, Specialized Kasr El Aini Hospital, New Educational Kasr El Aini Hospital, Abo El Reesh Children’s Hospital, Cairo National Insurance Authority, Specialized Medical
Centers of Ministry of Health & Population, Al Helal Hospital, and Naser Institute Hospital.

Our surgical facilities are designed for the most pleasant and relaxed experience possible while offering highly experienced staff and a successful track record of thousands of surgeries. For detailed information and images of our facilities, visit the Our Centers page.



Our Services

Professor Dr. Mohamed Mohi Eldin treats the spectrum of neck and back conditions. His goal is your best functional recovery, through the least invasive intervention. He will provide you with a clear treatment plan, which often does not involve surgery. In cases where surgery is necessary, Dr. Mohamed Mohi Eldin delivers proven procedures using latest techniques and innovations in spine surgery.


Common Conditions

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Bone Spurs
Spine Scoliosis
Bulging Disc
Spine Stenosis
Herniated Disc
Spine Tumors
Pinched Nerve

Common Procedures

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Disc Replacement Surgery
Herniated Disc Surgery
Spinal Decompression Surgery
Minimally Invasive Neck Surgery
Minimally Invasive Back Surgery
Minimally Invasive Spine Fusion
Cervical Spine Surgery
Lumbar Spine Surgery